2012 ACIS Flag Football Results

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ACIS National Champions  

Men's Collegiate Division

 Kennesaw State University
Greatest Show on Turf

ACIS 2012 FF Men's Champs

 Women's Collegiate Division:

Florida A&M University
Simply Marvelous

ACIS 2012 FF Women's Champs

 *2007, 2009, 2010 & 2011 ACIS 
Flag Football National Champions

Co-Rec Collegiate Division:

Angelo State University 
IM Legends

ACIS 2012 FF Co-Rec Champs

 Open Men's Division:

Jeff Go Getters

ACIS 2012 FF Open Champs

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All-American Officials

Josh Boynton, Angelo State University
Keith Cornwell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Andrew Barnard, Florida Atlantic University
Christopher Morriss, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Matthew Oliphant, University of Florida
D.J. Doss, University of South Florida
Cliff Israel, Southern Methodist University
Brandon Taylor, North Carolina State University
Sean Butler, Ohio University
Holt Harrell, University of South Carolina
Drew Biggerstaff, Angelo State University
Tyler Burroughs, Creighton University
Justin Stewart, Georgia Southern University
Jordan Richardson, East Carolina University
Cameron Donaldson, East Carolina University
Paul Valentine, University of West Florida

 ACIS 2012 FF All-American Officials

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