ACISF Fitness Sponsor Programs
ACISF Fitness Sponsors provide students and schools with exciting contests and events all semester long.

Check out some of the ACISF Fitness Sponsor Programs happening on-campus! 

Tampax Active Girl of the Week

The Tampax Active Girl of the Week will recognize outstanding fitness achievements by active females on-campus. Campus fitness instructors will select the winners based on factors including outstanding achievement, intensity, and attendance.

Awesomely Active winners will receive a Tampax Active T-shirt, have their picture displayed in their recreation/fitness facility and be entered to win a $100 Nike gift card!

Tampax Active Girl 1
Tampax Active Girl 2
Tampax Active Girl 3

Six Star Sampling

Six Star Pro Nutrition is providing ACISF campuses with delicious product samples and great giveaways, including Six Star branded t-shirts and workout towels. This sampling program increases knowledge and awareness of proper sports nutrition.

Six Star Sampling 1
Six Star Towel
Six Star Sampling ASU

Jelly Belly Sampling

Jelly Belly Sport Beans are back with a new and exciting product called Sport Beans Protein Recovery Crisps! With 12 grams of protein per serving, these gluten free samples are an excellent source of vitamins and calcium.

Jelly Belly Sampling Auburn
Jelly Belly Sampling 2
Jelly Belly Sampling 3

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