2008 ACIS Sponsors


Sponsor Since:
Fall 2008
Sponsorship Status: Title

The Slingbox turns any Internet-connected computer or Smartphone into your home television. That means you can watch TV virtually anywhere in the world.  Simply connect the device to your TV cable box and you are ready to go. You pay one charge for the device and no monthly fees. Slingbox allows students to kill time between classes watching TV, and helps them keep up with their hometown sports teams.

Check it out at www.slingbox.com.

Philips Norelco Logo

Sponsor Since:
Fall 2004
Sponsorship Status: Presenting

Philips brings you the benefits of technology without the hassles. Life is complicated enough. Technology shouldn’t add to the problem. So Philips is committed to making technology that makes sense. Technology that’s easy to use and designed around the way you work and live. 


 Xbox 360

 Sponsor Since: Fall 2002
 Sponsorship Status: Presenting
Xbox 360™ is all about a new generation of extreme fun. 
Get in on the best games, the most powerful system, a worldwide community, and much more. 


Ball Park

Sponsor Since:
Fall 2008
Sponsorship Status: Presenting

Since 1957, Ball Park Franks have been making meal and snack times better.  Ball Park has a hot dog variety to meet all needs.  Whether your grilling for a backyard barbeque or just popping one in the microwave for an afternoon snack, you’ll be glad you chose bigger, meatier, Ball Park Franks.

For more information, visit www.ballparkfranks.com.

Gold Bond

Sponsor Since: Fall 2008
Sponsorship Status: Supporting

Gold Bond has been providing trusted, quality skin care solutions for nearly 100 years. Throughout our rich history, people have come to rely on the hard working healing power of Gold Bond’s therapeutic formulas - something we don’t take for granted. As a result, we’ve continued to grow our product line to meet the expanding needs of our loyal consumers.




Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Sponsor Since: Fall 2007
Sponsorship Status: Supporting

Sport Beans™ jelly beans are formulated with electrolytes, carbohydrates and vitamins B and C to sustain and replenish your energy during intense exercise.  This revolutionary product maximizes performance and ensures ideal portion control, with four delicious flavors that will keep you going through the toughest workout.  Tested and endorsed by elite endurance athletes, Sport Beans jelly beans are suitable for sports enthusiasts of all levels.



Sponsor Since:
Fall 2008
Sponsorship Status: Supporting

Simply put, we work every day to ensure Twinlab® Fuel is the most respected sports nutrition brand in the world. Respect that is earned -- earned in the gym, on the field and in the lab, by athletes, weekend warriors, personal trainers, scientists and anyone who can separate hype from true performance. 

Visit www.twinlabfuel.com for more information.

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