UW-La Crosse Regional Results

2008 Pontiac ACIS Basketball Regional Tournament
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, March 7-9, 2008

Men's Champion:   Token Larry's, UW-La Crosse

UW-LaX Men's Champion
Women's Champion:   UW-La Crosse, UW-La Crosse

UW-LaX Women's Champion

Men's Runner-Up:         BUCKETS, UW-La Crosse
Women's Runner-Up:   Reppin' LaX, UW-La Crosse

Congratulations to the Skills Challenge Champions! By completing all obstacles of the Skills Check competition with the fastest time in their division, they each have won a $50 Nike.com Gift Card!

Men's Skill Champion:         John Michael LaTorrie - Moody Bible Institute "Midwest Mavericks"
Women's Skill Champion:   Tina Cera - UW-Whitewater "Whitewater"

Also, congratulations to:

Slam Dunk Champion:          Dan Back - UW-La Crosse

Thank you and congratulations to all of the basketball teams and players who participated in this season's regional tournament. Also, a special thank you goes out to all of the hard work of the UW-La Crosse staff for helping to make this tournament possible and a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

UW-LaX Regional

Check out all of the results, brackets, photos and more at UW-La Crosses' Official Regional Tournament site.


Men's All-Tournament Team:

MVP:  Larry Pikes - UW-La Crosse "Token Larry's"

Jason Ponds - Iowa State University "Cyclones"
Michael Zimmerman - UW-Milwaukee "Milwaukee"
John Hayes - UW-Lacrosse "Air Up There"
Josh Singer - University of Louisville "Diaper Dandies"
Rick Eaton - UW-La Crosse "BUCKETS"

Women's All-Tournament Team:

MVP:  Kelly Kalinowski - UW-Lacrosse "UW-La Crosse"

Megan Starrett - UW-Whitewater "Whitewater"
Nicole Patrick - University of Louisville "Lady Dandies"
Daina Mandel - UW-La Crosse "Reppin' LaX"
Erin Campbell - UW-La Crosse "Reppin' LaX"
Talea Ramaker - UW-La Crosse "UW-La Crosse"

All-Tournament Officials:

Megan Carrigan - University of Central Florida
Chase Steiner - UW-La Crosse
Jake Livingston - UW-Whitewater
Chad Schultz - UW-Whitewater

                 UW-LaX Top 4 Officials  

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