2007 ACIS Team Trip Winners

Cal State - Long Beach Team wins Trip to ACIS Flag Football Nationals!

Da Killas from California State University - Long Beach were the big winners of a trip to compete in the 2007 ACIS Flag Football Championships.  Da Killas recieved a trip to New Orleans which included free arifare for 12 players, 3 hotel rooms and FREE entry into the tournament. 

Here's what the team had to say about their experience:

Cal State - Long Beach Intramural Team

 "Team ACIS gave us an opportunity to prolong our memorable season to compete with other great athletes from across the nation. This trip allowed our twelve players to get a taste of going on a big road trip to compete like their favorite professional teams. Five days in New Orleans, playing in a nation-wide tournament, during New Years' Eve, then to cap it off with great tickets to the Sugar Bowl – they are memories that we will cherish for a  lifetime.”  – Ulric



“Thank you for a well-run tournament. There was great officiating, great facilities,
 and overall seamless organization. We got to meet a lot of very interesting people,
 had a great time, and learned a lot.” – Da Killas


Cal State - Long Beach Sugar Bowl