University of West Florida Flag Football Regionals

2007 Pontiac ACIS Regional Tournament
University West Florida, November 9 - 11, 2007

The University of West Florida ACIS Flag Football Regional Championship took place November 9-11 in Pensacola, FL. This two-day event attracted 46 collegiate teams from across the southeast, competing in a women's, men's, co-rec and men's open division. The competition was fierce as some of the top teams in the southeast came out to compete for a trip to the Pontiac ACIS Flag Football National Championship held in New Orleans, December 29th - 31st.

The following teams were victorious in their efforts and became the tournament champions. Each champion team won free entry and travel stipends to the 2007 Pontiac ACIS Flag Football Nationals.

Men's Champion:           Southern SU Jags, Southern University and A&M College                
Women's Champion:     Simply Marvelous, Florida A&M University
CoRec Champion:           Next 2 None, University of West Florida    

The following teams may not have left with the championships trophy, but they did not leave empty handed, as they also received free entry and travel stipends to the 2007 Pontiac ACIS Flag Football Nationals.

Men's Runner-Up:          Gator Escort Service, University of Florida
Women's Runner-Up:    Next 2 None, University of West Florida
CoRec Runner-Up:          WTF, University of Louisiana - Monroe    

In addition to tournament play, Pontiac also hosted a Pontiac Performance Play Event on Saturday afternoon. Two lucky students were given the opportunity to throw a football through the window of a Pontiac for a chance to win a Pontiac G5. Each student was given 3 chances to throw the football into the car window. If the student missed the window on the first attempt for the car, they were moved up to throw for other prizes including an Xbox 360 or an XM Satellite Radio. On her second attempt, Meghan from Arkansas Tech University landed the football into the Pontiac and walked away the proud owner of an Xbox 360. Maurice from University of Louisiana Lafayette connected on his third try and won an XM Satellite Radio.

Thank you to all of the University of West Florida staff and the professional staff from surrounding schools who dedicated their time and expertise to help to make this tournament a success and a wonderful experience for everyone involved.  

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